Glossy Satin – Royal Blue

TVR x Jose Lara Interiorismo
“Warmth & Lightness” collection for the Belgian firm Thibault van Renne.

“I found inspiration for this collection for Thibault van Renne in my own experience, in the sensations that textiles have aroused in me since childhood. All of my life, the way fabrics hang has seemed like something magical to me. The way that, when skilfully fashioned, they elicit sensations in us. Like a mystical attribute, fabrics fold, scrunch and wrinkle into capricious shapes.

Deep sensuality invades us when we slide between glossy satin sheets”.

Hand-knotted rug made in Nepal.
Color: Royal Blue

80 knot grade (= +/- 96,000 knots per m²)

– Knotted wool
– Knotted silk
– Knotted wool and silk mix

*This composition creates a silky effect with high shine and luminosity which give life to the rug

– Ø 180 cm
– Ø 200 cm
– Ø 250 cm

*Made-to-measure rugs available by order