Still Movement

The Tumbling Seashape series – Monette Larsen

Monette’s artwork is influenced by the underlying structure of corals: their shape, growth and movement under the sea.

She explores the idea that what we perceive as beautiful in nature is linked to conscious and subconscious recognition of underlying structures and patterns in the natural world. Her mural installations and glass sculptures are based on images and marvels in the living world surrounding us. She is influenced by molecular structures, the nanoscopic scale and mathematics to create pieces that make reference to and suggest the natural world, her aim being to remind the viewer of the beauty of the living world all around us and the importance of looking after it.

Decorative piece.

The artist starts by crocheting a whimsical shape which she then hardens with wax. This shape is used to create the final mould into which pieces of glass are placed and then melted in a kiln (kiln casting).

Handcrafted process. Hand-polished and texturized.

100% pigmented glass

30cm x 24cm x 25 cm