Apartment in Chamberí

An old 1970s apartment that has been completely refurbished to make it contemporary. Its owner, a young women with a busy lifestyle, wanted her newly-purchased space to reflect her personality. And in addition, we were at all times seeking a more dynamic structure that would be more practical and polyvalent.

The outcome is a very airy, open-plan space. Indeed, kitchen, living room and dining room are combined in a single space, although conveniently divided up using other decorative solutions or furnishings. The old, disused terrace was brought back to life to add more space to the living room and allow natural daylight to be fully utilised.

Seeking to optimise spaces to match the owner’s lifestyle even led to the creation of a “secret room” entered through a door that artfully blends in with the other cupboards in the kitchen, so no one visiting the house for the first time even knows it’s there. This room receives plenty of natural light and is primarily used as a home office. And when not being used for this purpose, it can easily be turned into a guest room thanks to its versatile and compact furniture.

Photographs: Lupe Clemente