Auditorium — Casa Decor 2019

Auditorium design for Casa Decor 2019, in time for the Barrio de Salamanca edition.

This space comprises 2 separate areas, both seeking to convey the modern, elegant spirit of this upmarket neighbourhood. The first is the auditorium itself, with rows of Moblibérica chairs for seating attendees at the conferences and speeches given in this space. The room is furthermore equipped with all necessary audio and video technology for events (courtesy of Bang & Olufsen). The second is used as the entrance hall where speakers and guests can relax and chat.

As ever, the major distinguishing stamp is the use of fine, natural materials: wood and metal finishes, organic shapes which take us back to nature, gilt details and the discreet presence of rhomboids, a geometric shape which is an inescapable part of my personal style.

Photographs: Nacho Uribesalazar for Casa Decor