Casa Decor - Tegar Urban Stay

A space designed for Spanish furnishings company Tegar. The transformation process was, moreover, immortalised in a documentary mini-series that narrates the entire design process from the drawing board right through to the finishes.

We all know that the current pace of living in big cities is frenetic and demanding. This apartment, for a single inhabitant, accommodates the lifestyle of the city dweller, whose every requirement in a living space is covered. In just 24 m2, the kitchen, bathroom and versatile living room (that can be turned into a sleeping area to save space) are harmoniously arranged. There is even an area for clothes laundry and care. The definitive paradigm of the city tourism apartment.

The aim of the project was to get maximum functionality out of the smallest space. An ingenious way of rising to this challenge was to use Tegar Mobel modular, polyvalent furnishings. The inhabitant can, in the blink of an eye, transform their apartment thanks to these furnishings and give sense back to their space. It’s a revolutionary idea: everything that the big city has to offer, achievable in a smaller space which can be used for work, rest and relaxation all at the same time.

The partnership with Tegar and the essence of the firm shines through in every corner of the apartment: materials were carefully selected to meet the functionality required and put sustainability first: stone, wood, ceramics, glass, natural fibre textiles and even cast bronze find their place in the furnishings and fittings in this apartment. The commitment to sustainability goes beyond mere choice of materials; all of the processes were meticulously controlled with a view to minimising carbon footprint.

Link to first episode of TEGAR URBAN STAY mini-series

Photographs: Luís Hevia for Tegar