Duplex dwelling

Makeover of a ground-floor duplex in the Madrid neighbourhood of Nueva España, Chamartín. Although formerly an old, disused office, the new owner could see the excellent possibilities offered by this space and wasted no time purchasing it so that it could be entirely transformed, both aesthetically and functionally.

The duplex has spacious and welcoming interior spaces that receive plenty of natural light, thanks to the large windows through which sunlight streams in. The outdoors area is also outstanding, featuring a magnificent patio where the inhabitants of the dwelling can enjoy peaceful afternoons. An ingenious bio-climatic pergola provides welcome shade on hot days, and even shelter from showers when necessary. One of the main challenges was indeed to connect the indoor and outdoor spaces while respecting the original architecture of the building.

The decor has numerous textile features, a key ingredient of my interior design projects and a nod to my family background. The challenge lies in using traditional materials in a different way, so that new creative possibilities can be opened up.

Photographs: Paloma Pacheco Turnes