Dwelling in La Moraleja

This dwelling is situated in a peerless location, La Moraleja neighbourhood in Madrid – away from the city bustle and close to magnificent green spaces. Although new-build, this dwelling features highly original architecture that has been kept and respected as far as possible, only modernising specific parts of the space to refurbish them and given them fresh functionality.

The owner of the property and their son had a very clear idea about what they wanted: the creation of a renovated space imbued with their personal style and providing the perfect setting for gathering their closest friends around them. The interior spaces were given more light by replacing a solid door leading into the kitchen with a customised metal and smoked glass design. The basement was enlarged and made lighter by the addition of an internal patio, which has turned a formerly dim area into a welcoming one, the perfect games room for children.

The garden is similarly spacious, making it the perfect place to relax, spend time with friends or enjoy a good book.

The secret to personalising this space lies in the tiny details. Strategically positioned mouldings and covings bring new life and carefully selected design works give the entire dwelling its unique and ground-breaking style.

Photographs: Jaime Ferrer