La Sala del Marqués del Siglo XXI - Casa Decor 2020

Project for the 2020 edition of the Casa Decor event, the main theme of which was sustainability and how to achieve it fully in the creative process and interior design.

The so-called “21st century Marquis” is not cut off from his reality. The modern man is aware of the environment and all the kinds of issues society faces today. This project offers a man’s dressing room as his refuge, somewhere where he can rest and get ready to go out and face the world determined and ready to make big changes.

So, can sustainability and progress walk together hand-in-hand towards the future? We absolutely believe so. To focus on sustainability, first of all we need to take a look inwards: what defines sustainability? We find 3 fundamental keystones on which to build an interior design project: sustainability must be seen from the ecological, social and economic perspectives.

ECONOMIC SUSTAINABILITY: the need to design spaces using natural materials that not only make them healthier for their inhabitants, but also make us think more carefully about unnecessary spending. SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY: by people, for people. The use of design pieces and furnishings manufactured by hand, by expert craftsmen and women, using traditional techniques, helps to promote and protect these age-old professions. ECOLOGICAL SUSTAINABILITY: “starting point” interior design is possible. The process of designing spaces must look at all details relating to transport, durability, product lifespan and recyclability to ensure that carbon footprint and impact are kept to a minimum.

The outcome is a space that calms the preoccupations of today’s city dwellers, committed to their reality and society. Natural materials including iron, fired earth, stone, linen, wood and recycled glass set off cellulose and cotton blend textile wall coverings. None of which, naturally, come at the price of comfort.

Photographs: Paloma Pacheco Turnes