Palacio de Tepa Restaurant

“Canseco y Mesteño” is the name of chef Jesús Almagro’s new establishment. He defines the essence of his cuisine as noble yet wild, like the American Mustang horse, and this is the focus he asked us to use when designing his restaurant in Madrid’s Las Letras neighbourhood.

The space comprises 2 areas: “Canseco”, the area around the bar, and “Mesteño”, the name of the restaurant’s dining area. What stands out most in the Canseco area is undoubtedly the bar counter itself with its elegant yet informal style. It is located right in the middle of the room, making it the hub for meeting and conversation, and the material it is made from reflects natural light in a way that is unobtrusive and convivial.

As for the high dividers, they are ingeniously made from HI-MACS® acrylic stone with thermoforming properties that have been used to give a smooth, curved transition of the divider between the chef’s area and the barman’s area. Thanks to its invisible joinery, it appears to have been fashioned from a single block and this gives harmony to the space as a whole.

Dotted all around the restaurant are decorative references to the American west and the impressive wild horses that roam its desert landscapes. Details that transport us back to the Wild West made from fine, natural materials such as oiled wood, rope, iron and leather, lasting and strong. The light fittings are skilfully made from sections of tree trunk, which in turn evoke this desert spirit. The colour palette offers warm clay and terracotta tones.

I worked on this design during my time with Aires Interioristas, along with my sister and fellow interior designer Mari Carmen Pinilla.