"The Tumbling Seashape" Collection
by Monette Larsen

Monette is a Danish artist living and working in south London. She qualified in glass art from the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts and gained a Master’s Degree in glass at the Royal College of Art. Her work has won awards at national and international exhibitions, and pieces are on display in collections in Florida’s Imagine Museum and the National Glass Centre in Sunderland (United Kingdom).

Monette explores the idea that what we perceive as beautiful in nature is linked to conscious and subconscious recognition of underlying structures and patterns in the natural world. Her mural installations and glass sculptures are based on images and marvels in the living world surrounding us.

I had the pleasure of using some of her pieces in my project Neolith x Jose Lara – Marbella Luxury Suite 2023, and they gave a unique touch to the decor.

Still Movement

Evolving Seashape IV

Capturing Twilight