TVR x Jose Lara Interiorismo

"Warmth & Lightness" Collection

Design of exquisite-quality floor coverings for Belgian company Thibault Van Renne.

TVR creates timeless haute-couture designs using some of the world’s most exclusive silks and wools, producing artistic motifs, colours, unique combinations and innovative finishes.

This collection of floor coverings designed by José Lara is living proof that technology and pure craftsmanship are entirely compatible with each other.


Smooth Velvet - Royal Blue

Smooth Velvet - Nickel Grey

Smooth Velvet - Rose Taupe

Smooth Velvet - Shadow

Smooth Velvet - Floral Ivory

Smooth Velvet - Snow White


Vaporous Organdie - Royal Blue

Vaporous Organdie - Nickel Grey

Vaporous Organdie - Rose Taupe

Vaporous Organdie - Shadow

Vaporous Organdie - Floral Ivory

Vaporous Organdie - Snow White


Glossy Satin - Royal Blue

Glossy Satin - Nickel Grey

Glossy  Satin - Rose  Taupe

Glossy Satin - Shadow

Glossy Satin - Snow White

Glossy Satin - Floral Ivory