You want your space to take on a new spirit. This could be a sensation, an inspiration or a concept.

Or you can even reflect your own character and nature in the decor you choose.

Don’t know where to begin? I can help you.

I’ll help you bring your dreams and ideas safely in to land and turn them into reality.

Personalised choice

Do you have a unique design piece in mind that is simply perfect for your space? We can build it from scratch using your idea, and made-to-measure exactly as you want.

All of the furniture and fittings you can imagine: decorative objects, lamps and light fixtures, tables, shelving, mirrors, mouldings, armchairs, dressing tables and anything else you think of.

And naturally, using premium quality materials: metal, glass, ceramics, wood, acrylics and textiles.

Let yourself get carried away.


We hold a meeting so that mutual trust is in place from the word go.

You talk to me about what feelings you want to convey with the makeover of your space. We discuss the infinite options for decoration, and I keep your preferences in mind when designing your project.

All hands on deck. I draw up the plan for your project and share the ideas settled on with you.

Action. I choose the perfect decorative items and furniture for your space, including made-to-measure pieces, and work begins.

Within the agreed deadline, your project is finished and you can enjoy it for all time …

…or until your creative leanings reawaken and you want to transform your space anew.

Be surprised

Have you got furniture you want to keep, but feel that it doesn’t work in your space? Not sure how to combine colours, shapes, wallpapers, lighting and curtains? I will help you make the most of the things you already have.

I design projects for all kinds of spaces and I work with all kind of customers: restaurants, business promises, private homes.

I work with people like you: committed to your vision and the value of good design. For everyone, I come up with the decorative solution they want so that they can take true ownership of their existing space or the new space they find themselves in.

«Love colour. Take risks. Be inquisitive.»
—Kelly Wearstler

decoración interiores madrid

Selection of projects

«Energy without direction is no use. Good design is the combination of technique and experience.»