A selection of interior designs that reflect my style and creative process.

Are you thinking about a decor, interior design or refurbishment project? I can help you bring it to fruition.

Palacio de Tepa Restaurant
Wood, leather, rope, iron, stone, fire and careful lighting: the perfect combination for creating the wild yet refined feel of chef Jesús Almagro’s restaurant.
Dwelling in Ortega y Gasset
Colour and careful attention to detail are very much at the forefront in this project for a private residence in Madrid.
Forms on Fire
A timeless space where design and savoir-faire come together to create a visual synergy, combining the pure essence of an ancestral past with the sophistication of modern times.
La Sala del Marqués del Siglo XXI – Casa Decor 2020
Backing the 3 fundamental pillars of sustainability, proving that luxury can be sustainable too.
Auditorium — Casa Decor 2019
A paean to light, sophistication and elegance.
Apartment in Chamberí
A new atmosphere brimming with personality. Functionality issues solved using creativity, but not resorting to eccentricities.
Duplex dwelling
A cold, empty space transformed into a functional, welcoming and practical home.
Dwelling in La Moraleja
Open spaces and subtle details with personality and character are combined to perfection in this home; as unique as the persons who live in it.
Argana Restaurant
A wealth of sensations imbued with a Moroccan ambience; light, textures and colour in harmony everywhere you look.
Casa Decor – Tegar Urban Stay
All the everyday needs of modern living combined harmoniously in one space.
Neolith x Jose Lara — Marbella Luxury Suite
Touch. Feel. Live. Flowing shapes taking their inspiration from Marbella that invite you to immerse yourself in this haven of luxury and calm.