Neolith x Jose Lara — Marbella Luxury Suite

Award for Best Product Display at the 5th edition of Marbella Design & Art, an annual event combining design, interior design and contemporary art.

This proposal for a luxury suite in Marbella combines soft, flowing forms with a warm, comfortable colour palette to create a relaxing, sensual atmosphere. The arched ceiling invites us to lose ourselves gazing at its sinuous form.

Gilt details add a touch of opulence to the room, giving it a feeling of indulgence and just the right hint of daring. From the welcoming bedroom to the elegant bathroom, everything in this suite has been designed with rigorous symmetry to provide a sensation of calm and privacy.

Subtle lighting and a serene atmosphere make it easy to forget about the passing of time and simply enjoy the moment. An exquisite blend of style and comfort exuding a sense of refined elegance.

Photography: Paloma Pacheco Turnes