Forms on Fire

Prize for Best Use and Treatment of Colour at the Marbella Art & Design 2021 event.

An interior design project for Ferromagno that seeks to pay tribute to the spirit of Andalusia and craftsmanship in an excellent symbiosis of the finest, most traditional materials and modern-day techniques and textures. The purity of ancient tradition and the sophistication of the future.

The ceaseless quest to find dialogue between shapes and textures results in this timeless space with its clearly Mediterranean influence. The colour palette transports us to the magical landscapes and coastline of Andalusia: greens and golds evoking the hues of vast olive groves and their prodigious liquid gold.

Natural light is also protagonist, streaming in through a large, semi-circular arch window with a clearly Mediterranean influence and harking back to the architecture of Al-Ándalus. The calm and tranquillity of this space is achieved through masterful use of symmetry, giving serenity and balance to the entire project.

Fotografías: Paloma Pacheco Turnes